Monday, January 26, 2009

The Backwards Motion.

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Well, just a recap of everything that has happened today.


Well.. Mabinogi was pretty okay. Weaving day was a little hectic with the whole gathering going on today. I mean, I lived through that so nothing really too big. However, toward the end.. my Guild Leader 'made' me take part in our.. "Tactics Lessons". It was pretty much horrible. Yeah, the run went smoothly and all.. but it was completely boring. I don't really want to take part in something like it again because really.. it draws no interest to me, so therefor it just concludes to work. I don't really see why we have to be in a "formation". I thought we were doing well on guild runs before, just because you have to spend 280k on a guild run doesn't mean the whole guild is doing wrong.. maybe you need to think about what your doing and change it so that it doesn't apply to you anymore and you save money. Don't take it out on the rest of the guild.

Now, normally I wouldn't be this pissed off/depressed/upset about it.. but really when I am compared to people who have lower stats than I.. (And I mean extremely lower...) It makes me questions wither or not they actually think I'm worth something to the guild. I have high ranked skills, and I'm a good enough level for people not to have to watch me constantly so I don't die. Yes, I may be a mage, and yes I may be squishy.. but that doesn't mean I'm incapable. I really think that my Guild Leader needs to get that through is over sided ego head. To be honest I think the lesson was completely wasted, and not really worth anyones time beside getting good exp for the dungeon we were in. (Ciar Int for 4.) I guess the big concern was the money problem.. but as a Mage I am very powerful and almost one-shot everything in the dungeon... why should I be considered as 'worthless' in the eyes of my Guild Leader? Thats something I would like to know.

Some pictures I took on the "Tactics Lesson" run:
(Windmillers, then Archers, then Mages.)

(Example of it being 'Used'.)

So thats how today in Mabinogi went, and its still not over for another couple of hours or so.. I hope it goes okay, if not there will be another blog up here. =P

Real Life:

Nothing really bad to say about my real life stuff. Today was pretty okay. No complaints. I didn't fight with my mom today and i really only talked to Lizz today. I spoke with Ange, but that was over the computer and nothing too exciting.. just about Mabi. My sister paid med for her part in the cost of games I got.. and we had spaghetti for dinner.. yumm. :D I had this new yogurt thing called 'Yo Crunch'. It was strawberry and banana with a bunch of little granola pieces in.. really good if you ask me. I think my dad is gonna buy me more for other days. I haven't gotten to talk to the one person who can brighten up my day yet.. but I will later. Today was basically a Mabi day.. and nothing too big went on in my house today.

However, I am still waiting on my blood work from the doctor. He hasn't called yet so that must mean that it hasn't come in yet and I still don't know whats wrong with me. I know I'm sick, but that tells me nothing at all.. the doctor and my family is really concerned when I say I feel so dizzy that I might faint.. but nothing has come back yet for us to be positive of anything. Today is Monday, so I think that it might because the doctors office is really busy that I haven't gotten any results back today.. hopefully tomorrow.. and hopefully its nothing too serious.

Weaving Day

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Weaving is probably the worst skill in all of Mabinogi. I say this only because it takes forever for you to rank the stupid thing up. Really, whats the point besides not having to pay for the silk and fabric? So glad I don't have to do it.. Although since I'm a tailor I get roped into helping my Guild Leader out all the time. Thats not so bad, but when the stats look like this:

Method Exp. Count Total
Make a Thin Thread Ball. 0.3010030.00
Make a Finest Fabric. 0.2020040.00
Make a Fine Fabric. 0.1020020.00
Make a Common Fabric. 0.05502.50
Make a Cheap Silk. 0.0830024.00
Make a Cheap Leather Strap. 0.1530045.00
(Rank A Weaving)

It seriously just makes me want to drop everything and say: "No, I will not help you." Weaving really is the worst, I'm just glad tailoring isn't that way. Yeah, I suck it up and help.. but when your feeling lazy and just wanna lay around, boy does this suck. Mondays: Worst day of my life. (Also production day, hence the weaving day!) Good thing I have dinner right now so I can put off eating as an excuse! :D

Tactic Practice/Lessons

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we could learn a lesson Pictures, Images and Photos

Hrm.. so apparently my guild leader and his officer thinks our Mabinogi guild needs some 'Tactic Practice'. Well apparently his officer loses about 280k in gold each guild group run.. so they think we need to work together more. Really I think the two are just ganging up on the others because of recent events. (Getting into fights with other guildies about Kill Stealing, and new members joining the guild.) Now, normally I wouldn't object to something like this. It seems okay, and it benefits everyone.

Thats normally. See recently I have been getting to the point where I question Mabinogi. "Is it really a 'game', or not?" Really I'm questioning whither I'm playing it for fun or because I HAVE to. When games become a chore, I don't enjoy them, and then end up not playing them.

When I think of Tactic Practice, I think of working to become better. 'Working' and 'Having Fun' don't go hand in hand with each other. I dunno, I guess this practice could go either way since its more of a lesson, and a practice than anything else. Yeah, if it helps my Guild Mates out I'll try it at least once.. see how it goes, but the way my Guild Leader said.. turned me off to it. Especially since he compared me to a newer character at the same time. -sigh.-

Jerkwad or Misunderstood?

Mabinogi.. greatest game. Like really, its pretty much amazing. People on it.. well, not so much. Have you ever had a time when people got on your nerves so often that it just wanted you to quit whatever it was you were doing? Yeah.. I have that a lot. See.. certain people (Or rather one person), constantly butts heads with me. We can never seem to get anything straight with each other. He's always complaining about something I do, or saying that my character isn't strong enough and taking me down. I usually try to ignore him and just push myself harder, but he tends to find a way around that. I'm just glad to have some people on there that I actually do get a long with too. I mean no questions asked, these other people are my best friends.

So.. how do you deal with someone you constantly butt heads with? There doesn't seem to be a simple solution to that problem. If there was I would have tried it by now. I enjoy hanging out with him when hes not being a jerk, and I really enjoy talking to him.. but he just makes me so mad sometimes. He says one thing, but means another.. or he says one thing and doesn't even follow through with it at all.

Does it help that hes a Gemini and follows his own horoscope to a T? Nope. I swear his horoscope is 99% always true and he's so typical. Normally I don't believe in stuff like that, and I just brush it off.. but I can't ignore this. He just gets me so worked up and I dunno what to do about it. I guess I should just suck it up sometimes and let him have his way?? Or am I just missing something..?

Jerk or Misunderstanding...? More details later! :D